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The Versailles Method to Wean Your Dog
Thank you for adding one or more of our pups to your family. We have taken the time, love and care to wean them from their mom's the very best way possible and we are passing along our method to you. Please copy our "recipe" and do adhere to it as it will be the one true way to keep optimal health and nutrition for your new family member/s.

Your pup has been weaned using these products: 

Butchers puppy food in tins 
Venison ears 
Pork and lamb chops warmed thru NOT COOKED 
pease pudding 
Dried black pudding 
mackerel fillets (deboned) 
cottage cheese (plain) 
burns ocean bites 
prize choice raw food natures diet (Tesco) 
Bakers dried puppy food 
Scrambled eggs 
boiled eggs 
Chicken broth 
Sirloin Steak grilled 
Lambs Liver 
Chicken livers 
Raw Chicken wing 
green beans 
haricot beans 
tomatoes (deseeded) 
broccoli (tiny amount) 
Salmon (fresh) 
roast salmon 
white fish 
Sardine in oil 
Pheasant and Pheasant Pate 
Venison and venison pate 
Game and Rabbit Pate 
Minced lamb 
Brown bread 
Butter cream 
Goats milk yoghurt 
Natural probiotic yoghurt 
puppy meals - buy direct from them to save money 
custard baby food 
Goats milk 
Delmere puppy milk 
Skinners puppy milk 
Bottled water
Filtered water 

All of the above have been well tolerated. We do recommend giving fish on a daily basis as with some green vegetables and oatmeal. Each dog is an individual and therefore we do not set amounts, These dogs do not have huge appetites so play this by watching YOUR OWN DOG. Remember TREATS ARE HIGH IN CALORIES, so reduce food amounts when giving them to avoid obesity. Pork and Duck are good sources of protein and far more beneficial to all dogs than chicken. WE do not recommend moving away from the foods above, it is a comprehensive list and should provide your pup with a variety of foods in their diets, that will be easy to use when they reach adulthood. 
We also have used blueberries, raspberries in a dried form (from our dehydrator) sprinkled on yoghurt as a treat. 

Feeding times for our pups are: 0800, 1200, 1600, 1800 Hrs NO FOOD SHOULD BE GIVEN AFTER 1800 HRS This will encourage bowel movements overnight. 
WATER SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THEM AT 2000 HRS TO AVOID PEEING AT NIGHT, BUT you MUST get up at 0600 to give water and feed. 

If your pup sleeps through the last feeding (he skips it) then DO NOT give them it later on. Dogs must set a routine around you not you them!

Cranberry tablets 1 daily (especially if on dried food a lot) Lutein Supplements 1 Daily (prevents cataracts, reduce if present) Omega 3,6.9 1 Tablet Daily (helps bones, teeth, coat, also assists with allergies ) Chondroitin, Glucosamine 1 daily(supports Synovial fluid production on joints)

Please note that all our articles are copyrighted to their authors and are used with permission. 
You cannot use, replicate, duplicate, sell, print or anything of the like any of the images or words without express written consent from the author.

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