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Why Dogs Eat Poop
Article copyright by: Karen Clark, Versailles Kennels UK

There are lots of reasons why dogs eat poop here are but a few of my thoughts which may help : 

Boredom; most kenelled dogs or lab animals eat their poop

Housekeeper dogs- the dogs that clean up their areas

Those suffering malabsorption

Hungry dogs

Genetically predisposed to do it.

Bitches with litters do it – that is instinct.

Some dogs eat poop because it gets their owners attention.

Then there are those who receive severe punishment for pooping so they will hide the evidence and eating is the best way for them.

Firstly we as individual owners must find out the root cause ,no point trying to fix a car engine if it’s the wheels that are knackered!
So if mum or dad did it hey their pups are likely to do it too or at least one in that litter will for certain. Diets high in some fats can encourage it and that will include dried foods that are commonly sprayed with palatable fats to encourage dogs to eat it. Then we come to malabsorption , those dogs also tend to itch a little , have unsweet breath and have rather loose stools.If this is what you see add psyllium husk to bulk it out and cleanse the gut and use a natural diet in place of a dried one. Hungry dogs well enough said always use the recommended daily allowances for type breed etc, not rocket science that one. Must say though that dogs using a raw natural diet only poop once and it is somewhat chalky , never once have I seen a dog eat those type stools. Then the ones that simply do it to get our attention, they are easily sorted by making them work for their dinners to stimulate their natural behaviours of foraging for food. A dog that is mentally stimulated is usually too tired to do mundane actions and Coprophagia can be one of those actions. Dogs that show signs of nervousness like demanding continual attention are also known to eat poo, exercise those dogs before feeding, when it defecates they are usually too tired and will expect you the housekeeper to pick up.
Dogs being dogs we expect them to behave like us in part due to the facts they live with us and if you are like me they too share the bed.One of my males will actually go to the loo and pee up the cistern , that is all copying pack behaviours and poop eating is no different albeit yucky.
Dogs don’t see poo like we do, for them it’s a source of food when times are scarce, it’s a communication tool, it’s a way to eliminate waste. We can look at Wolves to see how much poop for a dog is much more than yuk. They read status , mating ability, size of packs, they also leave their deposits in particular places and this is of significance when living with a pack of dogs rather than just one as a pet. So if the deposit of a pack member isn’t in the right place a lesser member may wish to remove it hence they will eat the turd.
To break this habit and scientifically this is referred to as that we must resolve the reasoning behind it, once you have done that the habit can be broken, with some dogs adding foods that bind to the excrement is enough and these can be placed in the category of malabsorption but what about the others, who have owners who have added just about everything but they still do it. Then I suggest looking at the dogs environment ask yourself if this is a new habit what has happened in between, to some it’s the addition of a litter , to others its the bringing in of a new dog to the pack, a baby in the home all these will alter a dogs perception of its position and that needs addressing.
So look at how you live with your dogs and I know I have been through this with one of mine. I also bought a specific kennel cleaner that was heavy in natural oils which worked for a while.
If the dog isn’t getting enough to occupy its mind fill sterilized bones with its feed and make the dog work for its dinner, you know yourself when you use mental activities its much more tiring than physical activity, dogs are no different. For those who use a dry diet use diets heavy in raw meaty bones more frequently I reckon that the eating of feces will stop very quickly for these dogs.

Just my thoughts and observations.

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