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Dental Care
Article copyright to: Karen Clark, Versailles Kennels, UK

This information below is a little trial I have done with my own dogs and I found it to be accurate and true. 

We are always striving to ensure that you enjoy your doggies for a very long time, so, that comes with the responsibility to ensure that whatever we CAN do we WILL do to help you.

I have just ran a two week teeth trial for older doggies (Havanese ), those new to the breed will hopefully have had a good breeder that advised bones as a natural teeth cleaner, but those alone will not prevent plaque build up if they eat a dry diet or a very wet diet. Like us, as our dogs age teeth may start to show signs of problems, like tartar plaque, decay, gingivitis. Dogs that eat a different diet to one they are used to due to sudden illness will also show signs of one or all of the above.

Dogs aged between 9 - 4 years all Havanese, all Female all subject to similar diets (fresh made daily)
Dogs (a) (b) aged 9 otherwise healthy signs of gingivitis , plaque tartar
Dogs © (d) aged 4 - <6 otherwise healthy signs of minimal plaque tartar no gingivitis
Dogs (e) aged 5 meningitis recovery 2014 otherwise healthy, has medication gabapentin plaque minimal, no decay no gingivitis
all dogs eat fresh meat have fresh bones and eat carrots, green beans apple, drink water, take normal daily activity none are breeding.

With a daily application of Plaque gel and a scoop of plaque off and a continuance of diet, all dogs showed great improvement.

Dogs (a) & (b) no signs of gums being red at all, all plaque and tartar gone from every tooth with exception to canines and that is top only residual and I expect that to go within two more weeks. What a vet advised one owner to get was a tooth clean before doing this, its now evident that that may have been a little premature.
Dogs © (d) (e) all plaque disappeared no signs of decay no signs of gingivitis brilliant white teeth again, (e) dog small residual left 1 canine, but again expect that to be gone within 1 - 2 weeks.

Overall a complete success, if you have been asked to have a vet dental clean and your doggy is older so you are worried, this is well worth a try and may help keep your doggy safe. Anesthesia carries risks and not all Doctors are great and it carries risks that we may not want to consider.

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