the kennel club
The Kennel Club is the UK's largest organization dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.
Dog.Biz is the UK's leading online dog show data entry system
higham press
Higham Press - has all show results and information
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Eurobichons - Europe's only site dedicated to the Bichon breeds of dogs.
laboklin laboratory
Laboklin - laboratory for clinical diagnostics
vetgen veterinary genetic services
vetGen - the leader in veterinary genetic disease research and genetic disease detection services for purebred animals.
university of liverpool small animal teaching hospital
University of Liverpool small animal teaching hospital
animal health trust
Animal Health Trust - the charity fighting disease and injury in animals
canine alliance
Canine Alliance - responsible for pedigree dogs
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Journal of Heredity - Over the last 100 years, the Journal of Heredity has established and maintained a tradition of scholarly excellence in the publication of genetics research. Virtually every major figure in the field has contributed to the journal.

Established in 1903, Journal of Heredity covers organismal genetics across a wide range of disciplines and taxa. Articles include such rapidly advancing fields as conservation genetics of endangered species, population structure and phylogeography, molecular evolution and speciation, molecular genetics of disease resistance in plants and animals, genetic biodiversity and relevant computer programs.

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