Every once in awhile we don't have any pups for sale. This is not a bad thing, but if you're in the market for a pup we have a list of breeders who we work with and come highly recommended by Versailles Kennels. They hold their breeding program to the same standards as we do.

In fact, our list is short here because on occasion we have come to remove associations with owners and breeders we have concerns regarding how they treat their pets. Some known breeders whose mismanagement of dogs has caused great concern thus causing us to remove them from any of our work rescue and/or breeding programs. This has often been brought to our attention by those who have dogs from these people. If owners or breeders do not reach our level of care standards or ethics, they will promptly be removed from any association with us. Our Quality breeding and showmanship allowed kennels such as Cotonese, aka Adorele, who have several dogs owned and bred by us to start within a breed they know little of. We disassociated ourselves from them when they shamefully acted as they did.

Versailles Kennels expects all owners to maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and compassion for the welfare of animals. Here at Versailles, the dog's welfare is paramount.
We do not recommend any breeder producing litters from known parental lines with disease and there are at lease 12 on either the KC, ABS members list or registered local council breeders for these breeds, especially if they are on BOTH!
Havagem of Shropshire
Owner: Rebecca Turner
versailles santa maria
Absuron Kennels
owner: Sue Johnson
contact: suecj@hotmail.com
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Havieras Kennels
owner: Hazel Marchbank
contact: h.marchbank@btinternet.com

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