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Compassionate Home from Home Care

The Wirral's "Dog Lady" & Equine Therapist

  • World Champion Breed Exhibitor (UK first in breed
  • Former Resident breeds expert for over 5 years on (the former)
  • Qualified Master Medical / Veterinary Herbalist
  • First Aid certified
  • Diploma in Canine Psychology (Post Graduate)
  • Retired police office
  • Former prison officer
  • Fully inspected and licensed by local authorities
  • Qualified groomer

This is care for you individual "fur-kid" that will NOT be beaten.
Experience that exceeds 35 years of working with animals including rescue.
Pets are stimulated here and NEVER left alone.

*We only care for small breeds.

Get to know us ~ Judge our expertise ~ Value our skills
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Daily: £17

Canine Therapy, Behavior & Retraining Days

24 hr. Qualified Care

CcTV in operation 24/7
Book online. Use PayPal, Bankers Draft (no cheques)

Bookings - Pay 50% deposit with booking.
Balances MUST be paid upon drop-off.

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