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JWW2012 JUN ROM CH, JUN BUL CH, ALBANIA WINNER , BEST JUNIOR Versailles Tanika Adorelle - "Tanika"

Breeder: Karen Clark
Karen Clark - UK

Sex: Female
Colour: Tri-colour with sable markings
Date of birth: 19/12/2010
Sire: Haalag Burnign Passion
Dam: Versailles Dream Stealer


During a successful time as a Junior, (UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF BREEDER KAREN CLARK STAPLETON )
Tanika became a multi-Junior Champion (Balkan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Romania) in 2011. She also undertook a short adventure to Ireland, competing in three championship shows in summer 2011, picking up two Green Stars and a Reserve Green Star in three outings, and winning Reserve Best of Breed twice! In spring 2012, Tanny further showed how much she really loved showing when she went on to win Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Sex at Crufts 2012.

Her crowning achievement as a Junior was when she then travelled to Salzburg, Austria, to compete in the World Dog Show and was awarded World Junior Winner 2012! (UNDER THE HANDLING OF LESA N MILES) Not only did she beat a field totalling 95 Havanese dogs from all parts of the world, but she then went on to make it into the last five and the ‘final short cut’ for Best Junior of Group in the main ring at the World Dog Show 2012.


Tanika’s success has continued as an adult dog, including winning the FCI accredited European titles of Bulgarian Champion, Bulgarian Grand Champion, Balkan Champion, Champion and Grand Champion of Cyprus, Champion and Grand Champion of Moldova, Ukrainian Champion, Turkish Champion, Champion of Azerbaijan, and Champion of Georgia (all in 2012).

Later, she visited Germany and won Best Bitch as well as the title of German Federal Winner (Bundessieger) at Germany’s largest international dog show in Dortmund in October 2012.

The success of Tanika has continued into 2013. First, in January 2013, Tanika visited Slovenia, participating in three major shows, including two international CACIB shows in Ljubljana. Once again, Tanika did Cotonese proud. As well as becoming a Slovenian Club Champion and winning Best Bitch at the Slovenian Club of Toy Breeds Show 2013 (12 January), Tanika won Best of Breed and the prestigious title of Slovenian Winner, at the CACIB Ljubljana II Show on 13 January 2013. Tanika qualified for, and was awarded, the title of full Slovenian Beauty Champion (Ch. SLO), making up her thirteenth major FCI Championship title.

Second, on 28th July 2013, , winning her 6th CACIB as Best Bitch at the International Dog Show in Ludwigshafen in Germany! Tanika remains the only GB bred Havanese bitch to have achieved this success in recent times!

At two years of age, Tanika has already been awarded 16 (FCI) JCACs (as a Junior), and a further 24 CACs, 6 CACIBs and 1 Reserve CACIB (as an adult) from 15 different countries. She already has CACIBs/Reserve CACIBs as an adult from 3 countries (Bulgaria, Germany and Slovenia). She has also been awarded Best of Breed (BOB) some 15 times.

The qualities of Tanika have also been shown by the fact that she has won her CACs, CACIBs, Reserve CACIB, and BOBs under international judges from no less than 21 different countries from across the world.

Tanika also holds the FCI accredited title of Philippine Champion (in 2012) and is thus a full champion in both Europe and Asia.


Overall, Tanika presently holds no less than 13 championship titles; 10 titles as a full Champion (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Balkan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Philippines, Moldova, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and a further 3 titles as a Grand Champion (Bulgaria, Cyprus and Moldova). She is also a Club Champion in Slovenia. In addition, Tanika is the holder of the prestigious titles of Albena Winner 2011, Black Sea Junior Winner 2011, World Junior Winner 2012, Crufts Reserve Best of Sex, 2012, Black Sea Winner 2012, Bundessieger 2012, Rheinland-Pfalz-Sieger 2013, and Slovenian Winner 2013!

It is expected that Tanika will receive formal confirmation of the title of FCI International Beauty Champion within the next three months.


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AM CH, Can Ch, Georgia Ch, Moldova Ch, Bulgarian Ch Windfall's Lightning Thief At Versailles - aka "Bandit"

Breeder: Diane Sako & Karen Sako
Owner: Karen Clark & Diane Sako - UK

Sex: Male
Colour: Red brindle with white markings
Date of birth: 23/07/2009
Sire: AM CH Pocopayasos California Star CGC
Dam: CH Peachtree's Caught In The Act

Full siblings:
Multi CH Windfall's Lightning Thief At Versailles

American, Balkan Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grand, Canadian, Gerogian, Israeli, Luxembourg and Moldovan Champion

Mediterranean Winner 2011
Balkan Winner 2011
Multi CAC Winner, Multi CACIB Winner, Multi BoB Winner, Multi Group Placing Winner

Bandit was bred by Diane and Karen Sako at the renowned and highly successful Windfall Kennels, based just outside Chicago in the United States. After being campaigned in the United States and Canada by the Sako’s, where he gained his American Champion title in July 2010, and his Canadian Champion title in May 2010, Bandit came to the UK and the Versailles kennel, owned by Karen Clark-Stapleton, in January 2011.

At Versailles, Lightning Thief then enjoyed an extensive period during 2011 in which he was shown extensively in all corners of Europe from Italy in February to the Netherlands in September!

Beginning in March 2011, when he was awarded his Luxembourg Champion title, which confirmed his first European FCI titles alongside his American and Canadian Championships, he then went to the Balkans. There, he won his Georgian, Moldovan, and Bulgarian Champion titles in April, as well as his title as Champion of Israel in May 2011. He also picked up the additional accolades of Balkan Winner 2011 and Mediterranean Winner 2011 as well.

Bandit then returned to the Black Sea in July-August 2011, winning his Romanian and Romanian Grand titles in July, and his Bulgarian Grand, Balkan, Cyprus, Macedonian and Montenegro titles, as well as the additional awards of Albena Winner 2011, Aphrodite Winner 2011, and Black Sea Winner 2011, in August. His final achievement in this truly amazing year was the confirmation of his title of Irish Champion in September 2011 after winning seven championship shows in Ireland during 2011!

Bandit presently holds no less than 16 major Championship titles from North America and Europe (including 14 full Champion titles and 2 Grand Champion titles), as well as a multitude of other prestigious accolades. He is a truly exceptional Havanese male dog. His excellence can be verified in many ways; not least by the fact that he is a multi CAC (25, plus 7 Green Star awards from Ireland), multi CACIB (12 from 5 different countries – Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania and Ireland), a reserve CACIB (Slovenia) holder, and multi BOB (25 times) winner.

Lightning Thief is fully health tested and is also a proven stud dog. He has already sired two litters in 2012, and a further two litters in 2013. Several of these young Havanese have now gone on and begun show careers of their own since 2012! Most recently, one of them was Best of Breed, and another was awarded Best Puppy in Breed at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show in Edinburgh in May 2013! We look forward to seeing more Bandit kids on the block



Am CH Can CH Lux CH CACIB WIndfall's Lightning Thief at Versailles.

He from today is:

Am.Can.Lux, Moldovia, Georgia ,Bulgarian Multi CH CACIB CAC Windfalls Lightning Thief at Versailles.

Pet Name BANDIT or the Professor .


3/27/11 Bandit becomes Luxembourg Champion!!!


3/18/11 Celtic Winter Classic – Bandit is Best Open Dog
2/27/11 Bandit goes Best of Breed and gets a Green Star


2/20/11 Bandit goes Best of Breed -CAC, CACIB
2/19/11 Bandit goes Best of Breed, Best dog Best CH – CAC, CACIB and Res Group


2/13/11 Bandit goes Best of Breed – CAC, CACIB
2/12/11 Bandit goes Best of Breed – CAC, CACIB


7/25/2010 Galveston County Kennel Club Houston, Texas Winner’s Dog – Best of Winners 7/9/2010 Channel City Kennel Club Ventura, California Winner’s Dog – Best of Winners 4 Point Major 6/18/2010 Bexar County Kennel Club San Antonio, Texas Winner’s Dog – Best of Winners 2 Points 6/16/2010 Alamo Area Toy Dog Club San Antonio, Texas Winner’s Dog 3 Point Major 5/30/2010 Antelope Kennel Club Pomona, California Winner’s Dog – Best of Winners 3 Point Major

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