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Welcome to Versailles Kennels

Run exclusively by Dr. Karen Lesley Clark-Stapleton whose credentials surpass those of your typical "backyard breeder" or "hobby breeder". She takes pride in what is produced from this kennel and you can be assured that your dogs are bred with the best of care and that does not stop when you walk out the door with your new family member.

Dr. Clark-Stapleton boasts expertise in:

PhD, Masters (Distinction)Herbalism.
QVN (Qualified Veterinary Nurs L3)
Dip BSY RVM(Reflexology Vibrational Medicine)
BSY AS (Aromatherapy Specialist Treatment)
BSY GCM (Massage)
Dip Prof Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Dip Personal Training (Sports Medicine)
Dip Nutrition
Dip K9 Psychology
Dip Canine Massage
Dip TCM (Trad Chinese Medicine)
Dip Equal/Diversity
Dip. RIDDOR, MSc/PgD CrJ, BA (law)
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At Versailles Kennels we take pride in breeding the very best Havanese in the UK and Ireland.

Welcome to our new website!
Please excuse us while we are still in the rebuilding phase. You may find some information unavailable for a short time, but don't worry! We will be fully functional very soon.

Here at the wonderful world of Versailles Kennels, we strive for the very best and always have.
Our dogs live in a large house in Merseyside where they can run and play in a large yard and enjoy walks on the beach.

I hope you enjoy and make use of the information provided on this website. We have been collecting information for over 40 years and we lovingly share it with you so you can take the very best care of your Versailles Havanese.

We are Britain and Ireland’s most successful Havanese Breeder Exhibitor since the breed was introduced to these shores some decades ago.
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Welcome our new line of Russian Toy Terriers.

One of the rarest Toy Breeds in the UK

From Aristocratic Russian Lines 
Born and Bred IN Russia 

We are indebted to Yulia Semina for her help over the past 4 years.
She has mentored me throughout those years and has been a true doggy lover of tremendous value.
I promised her all those years ago I would get the Russians to Crufts and I shall.

We will be showing and breeding these wonderful doggies alongside our World Winning Havanese Lines which again started with Siegreich Kennel almost 14 Years ago. We still have those two first Hungarian Imports to the UK. Breeders in UK laughed until of course we started winning with the dogs from those and they then wanted those lines after years of non acceptance of their breeder.

We are always grateful to the breeders that have helped us as we hold value to showing TRUE sportsmanship. Being a former athlete I understand what that means and I guess those that want to climb to the top of the tree without recognising the hard work of those that mentored you show the reality of their awful personalities that lack fair play!

As always our dogs reign supreme in the show ring and at home.
Please have a look at our Russian Toy Terrier section and know that if you acquire one of these adorable little friends from our kennel, you are guaranteeing the best. Like our Havanese, our toys are tested and loved all the same.

Have a look at the information and gallery and don't hesitate to use the contact form and ask about these wonderful little dogs.
Versailles Kennels is first in the UK to continually health screen all our dogs whether they are for pleasure, show or breeding. With our dogs, you can rest assured you are getting the best bred and healthiest dogs in the United Kingdom & the world.

We test for:

  • Eyes - ALL disorders
  • Hearing - UK Standard hearing test
  • Bones - ALL disorders:
  • hips / dysplasia
  • elbows
  • knees
*All done to RCVS / BVA standards

  • Heart - ECG test on all dogs from birth and required for all dogs bred by us until the end of their lives
  • Liver - function and hemophilia according to Laboklin tests in Manchester
  • Coats - Furnishing & genetic testing for:
  • curly
  • straight
  • color
*All done at Laboklin
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Pictured above:

November 2013: International, Multi- and Multi-Grand Champion Versailles Tanika Adorele at Cotonese confirmed as full German (VDH) Champion, making up her fifteenth FCI championship title and confirming her place as one of the most successful UK bred Havanese of recent times ...Bred by Karen Clark Stapleton of Wallasey, Wirral, England and campaigned by her for all but 3 of her shows to win this award of merit!

Tanika was formally confirmed by the FCI in Brussels on the 3rd October 2013 as an FCI International Beauty Champion mostly campaigned by her British Breeder: Karen Clark Stapleton

Read more about Tanika’s history and accomplishments
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